Tangent beer and bottleTangent is a bright golden ale which takes our sour farmhouse ale, Zuurzing, and strikes off in a new direction.  First soured in the kettle, and then fermented with our house saison yeast, Tangent matures for months in red wine barrels with a combination of wild yeasts and bacteria.  After additional extended conditioning in the bottles, the wild yeasts develop complementary fruity flavors with an undercurrent of funkiness.

Tangent is a complex yet surprisingly light and refreshing beer, featuring notes of citrus fruit and apple layered over soft oak, a slightly funky earthiness, and accented by bright acidity.

Grains:Pilsner Malt, Maine-grown Wheat, Acidulated Malt

Kettle Hops: Cascade, Crystal

Yeast: House Belgian

ABV: 6.5%