Brother Benno

Brother Benno is a dunkel lager.  Dunkel means “dark” in German, and is a style traditional to southern Germany, the companion to “light” or Helles lager.  Brother Benno features plenty of flavor to keep it interesting, with subtle hints of coffee and dried fruit, yet is surprisingly light and easy… Learn More »

Cobbled Stones

Cobbled Stones is a riff off of Double Stone Jam, our peach and apricot tart fruit beer. We started with the Double Stone Jam base and added all the spices and flavors that make up the magic in a cobbler – vanilla, cinnamon, almond extract, and nutmeg – for a… Learn More »

Coffee Burnside

For Coffee Burnside, we start with Burnside, our traditional brown ale. We add locally roasted coffee which amps up the roasted notes of coffee, burnt sugar, and chocolate already present in the base beer. Each batch of Coffee Burnside uses a different variety of coffee from one of the area’s… Learn More »

Cosmic Bloom

Soft in body, straw gold in color, with a rich, heavenly hoppiness, Cosmic Bloom expands across the senses.  Amarillo, Azacca and Galaxy dry hops combine to create a citrus and berry forward hop profile worthy of exploration. Learn More »

Cran-Orange Jam

Cran-Orange Jam is a kettle soured ale brewed with lactose and fermented with cranberries and oranges. The wonderful cranberry and orange tartness is balanced with enough sweetness to make it a pleasure to drink. Learn More »

Dance Party

Dance Party is our Pink Boots Society collaboration beer in celebration of International Women’s Day. This big and bold Triple IPA is sure to get you on the dance floor and showcasing your best moves. The Pink Boots Society is dedicated to supporting, uplifting, and celebrating women in the beer industry. Part… Learn More »

Double Double

Sometimes you just want more.  Double Double is that beer, an ode to French vanilla coffee, turned all the way up.  An imperial milk stout brewed entirely from first runnings, Double Double was then aged on coffee and vanilla beans.  Featuring big notes of vanilla on the nose, with a… Learn More »

Double Stone Jam

A kettle soured tart ale brewed with lactose and fermented with peaches and apricots.  A stone fruit jammy delight. Learn More »

Forest City Lager

Brewed with North American and Maine-grown pilsner malts and brown rice, Forest City Lager is a pale straw color with notes of apple and cracker, finishing dry and crisp.  Named after our hometown’s nickname, we hope you enjoy our rendition of an American classic. Learn More »


Jet black, potent, and brimming with roasted malt and chocolate flavors, Forge is everything a big stout should be. Forge highlights deep chocolate, coffee and malt flavors with round, citrusy hops in the background. Drink now, or cellar for later, we hope you enjoy this bear of a beer. Learn More »


Our Helles lager is a nod to the glorious golden beers of Bavaria. Continental hops balance the bready, soft malt, and the lagering smooths everything out.  Finishing crisp and clean, Hansel just begs for a second taste. Learn More »

La Luz

La Luz is a Mexican-style lager with lime. Super crisp and with just the right lip-smacking amount of lime, this one was made for enjoying along with warmer weather. Learn More »

Let’s Do Brunch

Let’s Do Brunch! Inspired by French Toast, this beer is a milk stout aged with coffee, cinnamon and vanilla beans. Brewed with lactose. Learn More »

Lotus Eater

We love relaxing with a deliciously crafted brew, and enjoying the company of friends like those at Goodfire Brewing Company. Join us as we take a sip, kick back, and enjoy the moment. Learn More »

On The Wing

Full bodied IPA that hits with a blast of pineapple, mango and orange zest, and finishes clean and easy. Learn More »

Primary Colors

As brewers, we see hops in color – some bright and light, some richly saturated, others deep and powerful. We brewed this beer with a collection of hops, balancing all their varied attributes together in a layered landscape of flavors. Soft notes of white grape, pineapple, and citrus. Learn More »

Raspberry’s My Jam

Raspberry’s My Jam is a kettle sour ale brewed with lactose and fermented with raspberry. Pouring a deep red, and full of raspberry. Learn More »

Sparkle’s My Jam

Sparkle’s My Jam is a kettle sour ale brewed with lactose and fermented with red wine grapes, apricots, and peaches, producing a ruby red beer with bright acidity that finishing with a touch of sweetness. Learn More »

Sylvan Spell

Sylvan Spell is an imperial stout aged for over 2 years in 12-year-old American oak whisky barrels, and then topped off with maple syrup, and aged another 6 months in the oak.  Featuring notes of chocolate, dried fruit, and vanilla, this beer was described in our tasting notes as a… Learn More »


Inspired by the storms of winter, we brewed an IPA with an assortment of wonderfully dank and delicious hops, perfect to sip and enjoy in a warm place while appreciating Mother Nature’s power rage outside. Learn More »

This One Sparks Joy

Brewed in collaboration with Old Nation Brewing from Michigan, this beer is a New England Double IPA bursting with flavors of coconut, lime and pineapple from the featured Sabro hop. Learn More »

Valkyrie’s Song

Hazy yellow, with notes of mango, pineapple, strawberry and grapes, this double IPA was brewed to feature Australian Galaxy hops riffing off the rhythms put down by a pair of fruit forward American hops.  Packing a rich punch up front, but finishing smooth and easy, we invite you to take… Learn More »


The blend of hops in Venture provide rich flavors of berries, tropical fruit, citrus and pine without lingering bitterness. Learn More »


Flavors of soft, ripe pineapple and orange peel are balanced with a hint of satisfying dankness. Learn More »

White Cap

A blend of golden barrel-aged saisons, White Cap bursts with tropical aromas of pineapple and coconut up front, with notes of fresh herbs and oak providing depth and complexity.  Softened by the time in the barrels, this beer feels round, but still finishes with the crispness saisons are know for. … Learn More »

Wild Ride

Wild Ride is an brett-fermented lager.  Using a modified solera approach, this beer is a blend of beers dating back to 2017.  Big notes of lemon, hay, and pear meld with the slight spice and grassy notes of the base beer, finishing super crisp and refreshing.  You can learn more… Learn More »