Bedrock is our favorite kind of porter – rich, bold, and dark. This is the beer we want to drink with friends on cooler days and nights with hearty fare. Roasted flavors of coffee and chocolate are tempered by subtle hints of caramel. Finishing rich but balanced, Bedrock will bring… Learn More »

Chai Swizzle

Swizzle is our nod to time-honored drinks as seen through a brewer’s lens. Chai Swizzle uses black tea, and a blend of spices and citrus, to create a beer both exotic and familiar. Learn More »


Citrabot Triple IPA joins the Foundation Family as the arch-nemesis to Galacticon. Pouring a hazy light gold, flavors of tropical fruit, citrus and resin explode across your palate. Deceptively smooth with little bitterness, this 9.4% Triple IPA is heavily hopped with Citra and Vic Secret hops. The flavors and aromas… Learn More »

Coffee Burnside

For Coffee Burnside, we start with Burnside, our traditional brown ale. We add locally roasted coffee which amps up the roasted notes of coffee, burnt sugar, and chocolate already present in the base beer. Each batch of Coffee Burnside uses a different variety of coffee from one of the area’s… Learn More »

Cosmic Bloom

Soft in body, straw gold in color, with a rich, heavenly hoppiness, Cosmic Bloom expands across the senses. A galactic dose of American and Australian hops combine to create a citrus and berry forward hop profile worthy of exploration. Learn More »

Dark ‘N’ Swizzle

Our Swizzle series of flavored Gose is our nod to time-honored drinks as seen through a brewer’s lens. Dark ‘N’ Swizzle uses ginger, limes, and molasses to explore the flavors of the classic rum cocktail, Dark N’ Stormy. Learn More »


Ember is a Red IPA, featuring big, sticky hop flavors and aromas of tropical fruit, berries, pine and resin balanced over a rich malt base. We have been brewing this beer annually in celebration of Fall since 2014, tweaking it a little year to year to match Joel’s ongoing quest… Learn More »


Jet black, potent, and brimming with roasted malt and chocolate flavors, Forge is everything a big stout should be. Forge highlights deep chocolate, coffee and malt flavors with round, citrusy hops in the background. Drink now, or cellar for later, we hope you enjoy this bear of a beer. Learn More »


Galacticon Triple IPA pours a hazy gold color, showcasing the beautiful flavors of papaya, melon, mango and white grape layered over an underlying dankness that is the hallmark of Australian Galaxy hops. Exclusively and aggressively hopped with Galaxy and Citra both in the whirlpool and the dry hop, Galacticon unleashes… Learn More »


Gemütlichkeit (ɡəˈmo͞otlikˌkīt) is a German word that roughly translates to a feeling of friendliness, warmth and belonging. In this spirit, we humbly offer our Helles Lager, the perfect beer to share and toast good times and friends. Prost! Learn More »


Inspired by the tradition of Oktoberfest beers, balancing rich malt with a crisp finish, Gretel is brewed to celebrate the good times. Learn more. Learn More »

Guava’s My Jam

Can I have my guava with a side of guava, a topping of guava, and some guava for dessert? Guava’s My Jam is a kettle soured ale brewed with lactose and fermented with guava. The sweet guava is balanced by a light tartness and a smooth mouthfeel. Take your taste… Learn More »

Mango’s My Jam

Mango’s My Jam is a kettle soured ale brewed with lactose and fermented with mango. Take your taste buds on an adventure with this bright and jammy beer. Learn More »

Maple Dark Side Corruption

We took our Dark Side Corruption and aged it in Maple Syrup barrels. Dark Side Corruption is a barrel-aged dark ale brewed with roasted malts and sugars, providing flavors of rich stone fruit, chocolate, and caramel, tempered by the rich flavors of oak. This ale shows what is possible when… Learn More »

Method 4

In our fourth addition to our Method experimental series, we present Method 4, a double IPA with equal and great amounts of Citra and Mosaic hops. A super soft profile with very little bitterness, smooth and easy to drink. Notes of pineapple, peach and a touch of dank from the… Learn More »

Method 5

Our first exploration of a “Brut IPA,” this beer seeks to marry the big fruity hops of a New England IPA with a very bright, crisp, dry body reminiscent of sparkling wine.  The end result is a ridiculously drinkable beer. Read more here. Learn More »

Peach’s My Jam

Peach’s My Jam is a kettle soured ale brewed with lactose and fermented with peach. Take your taste buds on an adventure with this bright and jammy beer. Learn More »

Prototype 6

Our 6th beer in our rotating series, Prototype 6 is an IPA hopped with Azacca, Citra, and Eureka. Notes of melon, ripe tropical fruit, citrus, and white grape come through, balanced by the dankness of Eureka. A touch of Vienna malt gives warmth to the beer, and oats provide a… Learn More »

Prototype 7

Part of our rotating series, Prototype 7 is an IPA brewed to explore the interplay of Denali and El Dorado hops, with Citra providing support.  The huge dank nose leads to flavors of orange and white grape on the palate, finishing soft and clean. More information here. Learn More »

Raspberry’s My Jam

Raspberry’s My Jam is a kettle sour ale brewed with lactose and fermented with raspberry. Pouring a deep red, and full of raspberry character. Learn More »

Rocket Science

Rocket Science is a collaboration with Aslin Beer Company featuring Vic Secret hops, blackberries, apricots, vanilla and lactose. Learn More »

Shine On IPL

Shine On IPL is perfect for the long days of summer. A crisp malt profile pairs with the orange peel, spiced, resinous character of the hops to give you everything you love about a lager and everything you love about an IPA in one, easy-drinking package. Draft-only and available beginning… Learn More »

Sömmerfest Weizen

Brewed with our friends from Springdale by Jack’s Abby Brewing, Sömmerfest Weizen is the melding of a German Hefe yeast and its classic fruit and spice flavors with the body and soul of a German-style Festbier. Raise a can to summer! Prost! Read more from our blog. Learn More »

Tropical Jam

Tropical Jam is a kettle soured ale brewed with lactose and fermented with passion fruit, pineapple, and guava. Yes, we made a tropical vacation in a can.  Enjoy! Learn More »


Venture is a Maine IPA created to revel in the breadth of flavors and aromas that can be coaxed from hops. The blend of hops in this beer provide rich flavors of berries, tropical fruit, citrus and pine without lingering bitterness. Learn More »


Wanderlust is a Hoppy Farmhouse Ale with a fresh aroma, reminiscent of peach and tropical fruit, and a juicy flavor highlighted by peach, mango and pine. The finish is crisp and dry, with a hint of sweet cereal grains, making it the perfect beer to accompany warmer weather. Learn More »

Zest for Life

Zest for Life takes Zesty!, our tart ale brewed in the style of a Berliner Weisse, and adds juniper berries, basil and rosemary, for a fun twist. Coming in at 3% alc. by vol. and with balanced doses of grapefruit and blood orange fruits, Zest for Life is fun and… Learn More »


Zesty! is a tart ale brewed in the style of a Berliner Weisse. Coming in at 3% alc. by vol. and with balanced doses of grapefruit and blood orange fruits, Zesty! is light, bright and refreshing. Brewed to celebrate love and community in honor of Pride month. A portion of… Learn More »


Zuurzing is a farmhouse ale soured with Lactobacillus, which provides a delightfully tart, tangy and crisp, citrusy-sour flavor. We use our proprietary Belgian yeast to ferment this beer, and use a blend of American hops to enhance the citrusy character. Learn More »