Bedrock is our favorite kind of porter – rich, bold, and dark. This is the beer we want to drink with friends on cooler days and nights with hearty fare. Roasted flavors of coffee and chocolate are tempered by subtle hints of caramel. Finishing rich but balanced, Bedrock will bring… Learn More »


Brazen is a bright and bold Double IPA, boasting citrusy hops smoothed out by a smidge of lactose. Learn More »


Citrabot Triple IPA joins the Foundation Family as the arch-nemesis to Galacticon. Pouring a hazy light gold, flavors of tropical fruit, citrus and resin explode across your palate. Deceptively smooth with little bitterness, this 9.4% Triple IPA is heavily hopped with Citra and Vic Secret hops. The flavors and aromas… Learn More »

Coffee Burnside

For Coffee Burnside, we start with Burnside, our traditional brown ale. We add locally roasted coffee which amps up the roasted notes of coffee, burnt sugar, and chocolate already present in the base beer. Each batch of Coffee Burnside uses a different variety of coffee from one of the area’s… Learn More »

Cosmic Bloom

Soft in body, straw gold in color, with a rich, heavenly hoppiness, Cosmic Bloom expands across the senses. A galactic dose of American and Australian hops combine to create a citrus and berry forward hop profile worthy of exploration. Learn More »

Cran-Orange Jam

Cran-Orange Jam is a kettle soured ale brewed with lactose and fermented with cranberries and oranges. The wonderful cranberry and orange tartness is balanced with enough sweetness to make it a pleasure to drink. Learn More »


Dreamboat is a New England IPA featuring Columbus and Eureka! hops. Our first IPA brewed with an American Ale yeast. Dreamboat pours a golden yellow with a pronounced haze. The soft mouthfeel is like floating on clouds, with no bitterness and flavors of pineapple and resin, with a dank backbone.… Learn More »

Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder is a collaboration with DSSOLVR out of Asheville, NC. An India Pale Ale with notes of orange, melon, teddy grahams, and pine. Released May 2019. Learn More »

Folding Cranes

Inspired by the lagers of Japan, we used rice to lighten the body and make this ultra-refreshing beer. The crane is known as a symbol of happiness and peace in Japan, and folding one thousand paper cranes is believed to bring luck. Learn More »


Jet black, potent, and brimming with roasted malt and chocolate flavors, Forge is everything a big stout should be. Forge highlights deep chocolate, coffee and malt flavors with round, citrusy hops in the background. Drink now, or cellar for later, we hope you enjoy this bear of a beer. Learn More »

Frappe Star

A mash-up of ideas and flavors, Frappe Star is a milkshake ale with blueberries and vanilla. Learn More »


Galacticon Triple IPA pours a hazy gold color, showcasing the beautiful flavors of papaya, melon, mango and white grape layered over an underlying dankness that is the hallmark of Australian Galaxy hops. Exclusively and aggressively hopped with Galaxy and Citra both in the whirlpool and the dry hop, Galacticon unleashes… Learn More »


Gemütlichkeit (ɡəˈmo͞otlikˌkīt) is a German word that roughly translates to a feeling of friendliness, warmth and belonging. In this spirit, we humbly offer our Helles Lager, the perfect beer to share and toast good times and friends. Prost! Learn More »


Inspired by the tradition of Oktoberfest beers, balancing rich malt with a crisp finish, Gretel is brewed to celebrate the good times. Learn more. Learn More »

Guava’s My Jam

Can I have my guava with a side of guava, a topping of guava, and some guava for dessert? Guava’s My Jam is a kettle soured ale brewed with lactose and fermented with guava. The sweet guava is balanced by a light tartness and a smooth mouthfeel. Take your taste… Learn More »


Our Helles lager is a nod to the glorious golden beers of Bavaria. Continental hops balance the bready, soft malt, and the lagering smooths everything out.  Finishing crisp and clean, Hansel just begs for a second taste. Learn More »


Intrepid is a DIPA featuring notes of orange creamsicle, melon, mango, and a touch of pine.  Brewed with some lactose, the soft, round mouthfeel makes for a dangerously easy to drink beer. Learn More »

Juicy Jam

Inspired by the fruit drinks of our childhood, Juicy Jam is a kettle soured ale brewed with lactose and fermented with tangerines, sweet cherries, peaches and cranberries. Learn More »

Let’s Do Brunch

Let’s Do Brunch! Inspired by French Toast, this beer is a milk stout aged with coffee, cinnamon and vanilla beans. Brewed with lactose. Learn More »

Macaroon Mojo

Inspired by one of our favorite cookies, Macaroon Mojo is a milk stout made with flaked coconut, cocoa, and vanilla.  Treat yourself! Learn More »

Mahaffey’s Finest

Mahaffey’s Finest is a tip of the cap to one of our favorite beer styles, the Dry Irish Stout. The bright, coffee-like flavor of roasted barley sits over the light malt base. Finishing crisp and dry, and coming in at 3% ABV, this is a beer brewed to be enjoyed… Learn More »

Mango’s My Jam

Mango’s My Jam is a kettle soured ale brewed with lactose and fermented with mango. Take your taste buds on an adventure with this bright and jammy beer. Learn More »


Mindstorm unleashes the flavors of hops to create a saturated, swirling presence. Brewed with 100% late hop additions in the kettle, and then dry hopped, the simple grist provides an easy backdrop on which the flavors of the hops can flow and mingle. Learn More »

Pale Blue Dot

Pale Blue Dot is an American Pale Ale brewed in collaboration with Orono Brewing Company. We combined malts from here and away and layered resinous, piney flavors from Chinook and Simcoe CRYO hops. Pale Blue Dot is an easy drinking beer to celebrate Earth Day and to support the Sebago… Learn More »

Prototype 8

Featuring big tropical and citrus notes, with a soft and round body. A New England style IPA with Galaxy, El Dorado and Simcoe hops, as well as a touch of lactose. Learn More »

Raspberry’s My Jam

Raspberry’s My Jam is a kettle sour ale brewed with lactose and fermented with raspberry. Pouring a deep red, and full of raspberry. Learn More »

Shine On IPL

Shine On a meeting of two worlds, the American IPA and pale lager. We took the crisp body of a true lager and layered it with the citrus, spiced, and resinous character American hops.  The end result is everything you love about Lagers and IPAs in one, easy-drinking package. Draft-only… Learn More »


Spiffy is our celebration beer made in honor of Epiphany’s 4th birthday. Affectionately referred to as our “Extra Maine IPA” because of the extra dry hops, Spiffy is a double IPA with the same malt bill and hop varieties as Epiphany. Kicking it up several notches, Spiffy is triple dry… Learn More »

The Weekender

A perfect complement for the myriad activities that Maine has to offer, the bright hops and the soft malt of The Weekender are there for whenever you decide your weekend starts, and the super sessionable ABV lets you decide how long it will last. Learn More »

This One Sparks Joy

Our second collaboration with Old Nation Brewing from Williamston, MI. A New England Double IPA with hop flavors of coconut, lime and pineapple. Our first time using Sabro hops. Learn More »

Triple Berry Jam

Triple Berry Jam is a kettle soured ale brewed with lactose and fermented with a trifecta of berries – Raspberry, Blackberry and Cranberry. Summertime in a can. Learn More »


Venture is a Maine IPA created to revel in the breadth of flavors and aromas that can be coaxed from hops. The blend of hops in this beer provide rich flavors of berries, tropical fruit, citrus and pine without lingering bitterness. Learn More »


Vivid is about channeling the intensity of three explosive hop varieties, and letting them shine.  Galaxy, Denali, and Simcoe hops blend to create flavors of pineapple, white grape, and mango over a rich, sticky background, while the oat-heavy grist provides a soft, easy suppleness that makes the beer way too… Learn More »

Wild Ride

Wild Ride is a Brett Pilsner. We started with Riverton Flyer (named for the historic wooden roller coaster that used to be across the street in the Riverton Trolley Park), and aged it in both stainless and wooden barrels with Brettanomyces. After a year of aging, we blended the two… Learn More »