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Foundation Brewing Company Expands at One Industrial Way

One Industrial Way

Portland, ME (May 9, 2016) – Foundation Brewing Company in Portland, ME will be growing at the current location on One Industrial Way starting this month with the expansion into three additional spaces formerly occupied by Bissell Brothers Brewing. This expansion will bring Foundation’s current space to a total of 7,500 sq. ft. and give the brewery the opportunity to expand its tasting room space, install additional fermentation capacity, and expand its packaging capability.

John Bonney, co-founder of the brewery that opened in the One Industrial Way location in 2014 says, “We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to launch our brewery here, and being part of this community, which has become known simply as ‘The Park,’ has been simply amazing from day one.  From the very origins of the Craft Beer industry in Maine, to the latest riffs on diverse and divergent beer styles, the energy and enthusiasm for Craft Beer and its culture is palpable here like nowhere else.”

The new tasting room will be expanded in both size and hours. Behind the scenes growth will include creating more efficiencies in operation work spaces and the opportunity for additional growth in 2017.  Joel Mahaffey, co-founder and Head Brewer, says he is looking forward to “expanding the fermentation capacity that will allow us to brew our popular beers more frequently. The expansion will give us the opportunity to bring out new brands that support our focus on using classic styles as the inspiration for brewing beers that push conventional boundaries.” The brewery operates a 15 bbl brewhouse and has a current fermentation capacity of 180 bbls. They release fresh cans of popular brands like Epiphany, their Maine IPA, and Wanderlust, a hoppy Farmhouse ale, about every three weeks. The brewery anticipates being able to increase the frequency of their canning operations with the expansion.

One Industrial Way has been an incubator for many other successful breweries, including Rising Tide Brewing, Maine Beer Company and Bissell Brothers.  Allagash Brewing Company is located across the street, and Austin Street Brewery, who started in 2014 as well, is located on the opposite side of the One Industrial Way building. Along with their neighbors on the other side of the Park, Geary’s Brewing and New England Distilling, the Industrial Park has become a mecca for beer tourists visiting the Portland area as well as a fun place for locals to enjoy Portland’s exciting craft beer scene.

Foundation will be updating its supporters as the building phase begins through social media channels and its website, www.foundationbrew.com.  The brewery anticipates being able to open its new tasting room early to mid summer, and is not planning any significant tasting room closures during the construction.

About Foundation Brewing Company

Founded in 2012 by Joel & Christie Mahaffey and John & Tina Bonney, Foundation opened in 2014 at One Industrial Way in Portland, Maine. They use classic styles as the inspiration for brewing exciting beers that push conventional boundaries. Foundation is well known for their Maine IPA, Epiphany, a double IPA dry hopped with Mosaic, Citra and Ella hops and designed to showcase the glorious flavor and aromatics of hops without any astringent bitterness. Other popular beers include Afterglow (an American IPA), Wanderlust (a Hoppy Farmhouse Ale), Burnside (a Brown Ale), Eddy (a Saison), Blaze (a Farmhouse IPA), and Forge (a Russian Imperial Stout).  Foundation distributes throughout Maine with Mariner Beverages, and to limited areas in Massachusetts and Vermont. Learn more at www.foundationbrew.com or on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook @foundationbrew.

Joel Mahaffey, Co-Founder and Head Brewer
(207) 370-8187

Burnside on Coffee and the Foreside Tavern & Side Bar

Burnside and CoffeeCOFFEE.  A quick look around shows how deeply coffee has sunk into our culture. First thing in the morning, you grab a coffee. Coffee is what you drink at work to keep you going. It is what you drink when you are meeting with an old friend when grabbing a beer is not an option. Okay, I’ll admit it, … we have a coffee problem, which is that we just ran out and need more!

It is no accident that the taste of Burnside has strong coffee notes. We created this beer by talking about the flavors we were looking for in the glass, and worked backwards. With Burnside, we wanted to highlight the roasted notes, coffee and chocolate, with enough malt and caramel sweetness to bind everything together. However, we decided that it would be fun to give it even more of a punch. So, Burnside on Coffee was born.

We cold-brewed locally roasted premium coffee beans, which highlights the natural flavors of the coffee, but does not extract the bitterness. We then blended that coffee extraction heavily with Burnside. The final result is a smooth, delicious, rounded beer with deep coffee aroma and flavor throughout.

We made a special keg of this beer for our Meet the Brewers event tonight at the Foreside Tavern, in which we nearly doubled the amount of coffee added to Burnside, sure to make it even more amazing than the blend we served last weekend at the brewery.  The event runs from 5:30-7 pm tonight, and we would love to share a pint with you!

John & Joel

Burnside Brown Ale release

burnside brown aleAugust 7th was National IPA Day, so naturally, on August 8th, we are proud to announce that we will be pouring our English style brown ale – Burnside – in the tasting room. Yes, a brown ale.

Our deep love of Saisons is evident in the focus of our brewery. They have a special place in our hearts and are the focus of Foundation Brewing Company. Joel and I also have a great fondness for well-done traditional British style ales. I had a chance to travel through the UK a couple of times, and the pub culture was something that just felt so natural. Drinking true cask conditioned ales was an incredible experience. It was very different than what I was used to growing up in the US, but perfect for the setting and the cuisine. My wife, Tina, lived in London for a time, and as a result, developed a strong affinity for British ales as well. Back in my home brewing days, I was required to keep a keg of a British style ale on tap at all times.

As an avowed foodie, living in Portland is kind of like being a kid in a candy store. I love to chat food, and one of the great things about this place are all the fantastic chefs and restaurateurs who also call it home. In the course of running our brewery, Joel, Christie, Tina and I get to talk with them frequently. Naturally, we often end up discussing food and beer pairings. When this conversation comes up, one of the common themes is trying to find beers that pair really well with grilled, roasted, and caramelized flavors. This got us thinking, what would go well? Something that was not too bitter, with plenty of roasted notes that come across as coffee, burnt sugar, and chocolate to play off the grilled and caramelized flavors. The deeply roasted flavors have to be tempered a bit as they can come across as a bit bitter and acrid when they are too strong, and we wanted it balanced with a malty but dry finish. That sounded like the perfect pint of brown ale to us!

We partnered with Chris and Paige of Central Provisions for a beer dinner in May, and to add to the menu we made a small batch of Burnside. Then a few weeks ago, we made a second small batch that we served just in the tasting room. It flew out the door, and when it was all gone, we were asked, “When are you going to make it again?” So, here it is. We hope you enjoy.


Central Provisions & Foundation Brewing Company beer dinner

We would like to thank Chris and Paige Gould, Central Provisions’ proprietors, for inviting Foundation Brewing to a special beer dinner last Wednesday night. We knew we wanted to make something special for the event, so when we were working out the details, we asked what they would look for in a beer if they could create it themselves from the ground up. Chris and Paige suggested a beer to highlight caramelized and toasted flavors, something that would have some maltiness and body to it. Joel and John knew right away the beer for this job, and Burnside, our take on an English brown ale, was born.

Confit Pork Belly

Confit Pork Belly

Patrick, CP’s Bar Manager, developed a delicious Eddy Shandy to round out the beer offerings of Blaze, Eddy and Burnside. The Eddy Shandy was made using peach infused brandy, a house-made grenadine using Chinese Knotweed, and of course, Eddy, our Saison.

It was tough going, but we had to try all the beers with all the selected pairings (and then some) to make sure everything worked like we had hoped. The general consensus was that for John & Tina, the favorite dish was the Pasilla Chicken Tacos (radish, cotija, lime crema) paired with Blaze. Just to make sure, we had to order the dish twice! That said, the pork belly confit marinated in a reduction of Burnside was also stunningly good. Joel & Christie found instead that their favorite pairings were Burnside with the Caramelized Sheep’s Cheese, and the Eddy Shandy with a Key Lime Tart for dessert.

Chicken Tacos

Chicken Tacos

Thank you, Chris, Paige and the entire staff of Central Provisions, for a fabulous evening enjoying our Foundation beers in a marvelous and quintessentially Portland setting.