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Foundation Brewing Company Expands at One Industrial Way

One Industrial Way

Portland, ME (May 9, 2016) – Foundation Brewing Company in Portland, ME will be growing at the current location on One Industrial Way starting this month with the expansion into three additional spaces formerly occupied by Bissell Brothers Brewing. This expansion will bring Foundation’s current space to a total of 7,500 sq. ft. and give the brewery the opportunity to expand its tasting room space, install additional fermentation capacity, and expand its packaging capability.

John Bonney, co-founder of the brewery that opened in the One Industrial Way location in 2014 says, “We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to launch our brewery here, and being part of this community, which has become known simply as ‘The Park,’ has been simply amazing from day one.  From the very origins of the Craft Beer industry in Maine, to the latest riffs on diverse and divergent beer styles, the energy and enthusiasm for Craft Beer and its culture is palpable here like nowhere else.”

The new tasting room will be expanded in both size and hours. Behind the scenes growth will include creating more efficiencies in operation work spaces and the opportunity for additional growth in 2017.  Joel Mahaffey, co-founder and Head Brewer, says he is looking forward to “expanding the fermentation capacity that will allow us to brew our popular beers more frequently. The expansion will give us the opportunity to bring out new brands that support our focus on using classic styles as the inspiration for brewing beers that push conventional boundaries.” The brewery operates a 15 bbl brewhouse and has a current fermentation capacity of 180 bbls. They release fresh cans of popular brands like Epiphany, their Maine IPA, and Wanderlust, a hoppy Farmhouse ale, about every three weeks. The brewery anticipates being able to increase the frequency of their canning operations with the expansion.

One Industrial Way has been an incubator for many other successful breweries, including Rising Tide Brewing, Maine Beer Company and Bissell Brothers.  Allagash Brewing Company is located across the street, and Austin Street Brewery, who started in 2014 as well, is located on the opposite side of the One Industrial Way building. Along with their neighbors on the other side of the Park, Geary’s Brewing and New England Distilling, the Industrial Park has become a mecca for beer tourists visiting the Portland area as well as a fun place for locals to enjoy Portland’s exciting craft beer scene.

Foundation will be updating its supporters as the building phase begins through social media channels and its website, www.foundationbrew.com.  The brewery anticipates being able to open its new tasting room early to mid summer, and is not planning any significant tasting room closures during the construction.

About Foundation Brewing Company

Founded in 2012 by Joel & Christie Mahaffey and John & Tina Bonney, Foundation opened in 2014 at One Industrial Way in Portland, Maine. They use classic styles as the inspiration for brewing exciting beers that push conventional boundaries. Foundation is well known for their Maine IPA, Epiphany, a double IPA dry hopped with Mosaic, Citra and Ella hops and designed to showcase the glorious flavor and aromatics of hops without any astringent bitterness. Other popular beers include Afterglow (an American IPA), Wanderlust (a Hoppy Farmhouse Ale), Burnside (a Brown Ale), Eddy (a Saison), Blaze (a Farmhouse IPA), and Forge (a Russian Imperial Stout).  Foundation distributes throughout Maine with Mariner Beverages, and to limited areas in Massachusetts and Vermont. Learn more at www.foundationbrew.com or on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook @foundationbrew.

Joel Mahaffey, Co-Founder and Head Brewer
(207) 370-8187

Infusion Series: Anise & Orange Zest, Basil

Basil and Anise

A few weeks ago, my wife Tina had been down in the Old Port earlier in the day with our boys on a shopping trip. Usually the boys could think of nothing that would be less appealing, but she told them they were going to be in the neighborhood of Standard Baking Company and that perhaps they would stop in for a pastry.  That was all it took, and they were happy to make the trip. At the bakery, everyone got to pick out something delicious to bring home. Tina decided to surprise me with something she had never seen before, a pastry called a gibassier.  Later that day, as things settled down, I opened up the bag and pulled out my treat. It was this odd shaped pastry, made of a light, buttery dough. However, at the first bite, what jumped out at me was the anise flavor.

Anise can be a bit of a polarizing spice. It has the flavor that most people associate with licorice, and tends to be something you either like or you don’t. I have always enjoyed the taste, but Tina, not so much. However, she took one bite of the gibassier, and was impressed. As she turned to walk away with the rest of my treat, she mentioned how she had to find a recipe.

After looking it up, we learned it is a traditional pastry from the Provence region of France, flavored with orange blossom water, candied orange peel and anise. I was so impressed by this anise-orange flavor combination, I knew I had to try it in our infusion series.

farmersmarketThe other infusion we will have on this weekend is basil. We made this infusion a few weeks ago, and it was delicious. I was wandering through the farmer’s market this past Saturday, and the basil just looked so good, I knew I had to do it again while I can still get my hands on this herb at its peak.

We will be pouring these beers this weekend, in addition to Eddy, Blaze, Wanderlust, and Burnside. As we have only one line dedicated to the infusions this weekend, they will not be on at the same time. We are not sure which will be available on any given day, but we hope it is the one you wanted to try when you come by. We look forward to seeing you in the tasting room this weekend.

If you haven’t noticed the sign, we donate a portion of all tips received in the tasting room to the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. We appreciate your generosity and the opportunity to visit the shelter every month to bring in the donation. Tina likes to get her kitty fix.  Hamp, our Golden Retriever, is not too fond of cats.


Beer Camp weekend tasting room specials

Black Tea with LemonThis is gearing up to be a fun and exciting weekend with Sierra Nevada Beer Camp right around the corner. The New England edition has 119 brewers coming and tickets are still available. Notwithstanding the quantity of beer available on Friday night at Beer Camp, we know that our tasting room visitors are going to want to try some great beers too. We have extended hours on Thursday, 12-6p, will be closed Friday for Beer Camp, and then our normal hours on Saturday (12-6p) and Sunday (12-4p).

This weekend, we will have a new installment in our Infusion Series on tap for our friends, as well as several other specials. Before getting into that, I need to say a special THANK YOU to Cynthia from Middle Intervale Farm for providing us with the basil for last week’s infusion. It was a big hit.

This week, we decided to try something new. A few weeks ago, Joel and Christie had a chance to a try several ciders from Far From the Tree and were very impressed. However, the one that really piqued their interest was the tea and lemon infused cider.

Grandma loved her strong, black tea

Grandma loved her strong, black tea

Black tea is something I grew up drinking. My grandmother was a big fan of black tea, and that was a trait she passed on to her daughters and grandchildren. Under her roof, a proper family meal had not finished its appropriate arc without everyone clearing the plates, and big pots of strong black tea being shared at the dinner table. For me, it has always felt like the appropriate end to a great meal. Also, all summer, my mother kept big pitchers of strong iced tea dosed with handfuls of mint or several slices of lemon for good measure in the fridge for us to enjoy. As Joel was telling me about the flavors of the cider, those memories from my childhood crept up in my head, and it was clearly something we had to try for the infusion series. So with a tip of the cap to our neighbors in Mass, and a big thank you to my grandmother Florence and my mother Irene, we decided to give this a try. For this infusion we used loose leaf Irish Breakfast Tea combined with fresh lemon zest. We hope you enjoy.

Since we know this is going to be a very exciting weekend with the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp in town, we decided to also prepare some of our ginger infused saison as well. What can we say, the ginger with our house yeast just works, and remains a very heavily requested infusion from our regulars.

We also have two hops varieties that were asking to be tried as a single dry hop. The first is the classic Tettnanger hop. One of the “noble” hops, their spicy character was a natural for us to use. The second is an Australian hop called Topaz. So far, we have had great fun with the Australian hops, and decided we should give this beauty a try as well.

We will be rotating these four beers through the tasting room this weekend in conjunction with Eddy, Blaze, and Wanderlust. We hope you get a chance to come in and give them a try, and have a great weekend!

Cheers, John

Infusion Series: Basil

Basil for Weekly Infusion

I have always loved the sciences, and will totally own I am a geek through and through. In college, I ended up studying chemistry and biochemistry. It is what indirectly got me into homebrewing, and eventually into opening a brewery of my own. However, in working on a project for one class, I started doing research on flavor chemistry. This led me to discover Harold McGee’s books: On Food and Cooking and The Curious Cook. These books let me look behind the curtain of what was going on in the kitchen, and come to the realization that every day, in how we select, prepare, and cook our food, we perform this incredible science experiment balanced by a healthy dose of art. From that moment on, I became a foodie.

A few months ago, Joel and I were tasting Eddy, our saison, and we started talking about what foods would pair well with it. Eddy is not a spiced saison, but there is a long tradition of using spices to make saisons. Thinking about different flavors, we decided to pilot some different spices and herbs to see how the flavors would interplay with our beer. We sampled. We took notes. We sampled some more. We took more notes. By the end of the extensive sampling sessions we usually hatch grandiose schemes, but we reign those in, and start talking about what other flavors we want to try. Partially we do this to help us develop a better understanding of what works, and what does not work, with the flavors of our house saison yeast strain. Mostly, however, we do this because it is fun. We love throwing the kegs on in the tasting room, and seeing what our friends think of them.

Every weekend, when the tasting room opens, we have a group of regulars who pop in, and right after saying hello ask, “What is this week’s infusion?” It has become clear that this series of beers have taken on a life of their own.

So, we thought you’d like to know what’s coming up this week  Does freshly picked basil sound interesting? We received some beautiful Italian Basil from Middle Intervale Farm in Bethel, ME in our farm CSA two weeks ago. My family sources our meat, eggs and veggies from Middle Intervale Farm and we feel lucky to have such farm bounty so close to home. Cynthia was kind enough to drop off a big bag of freshly picked basil for us to use with our latest CSA pickup. We are very excited to see how this turns out, and Joel and I hope you get a chance to come in and enjoy this beer with us this weekend.