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Prototype (Canning Date 11.3.15 – Black IPA)

Prototype 11.3.15Our second release of Prototype is a beer style that is credited with being born in Vermont. Often called a Cascadian Dark Ale on the West Coast, or an American Style Dark Ale by the Brewers Association, we prefer to call it a Black IPA because it gets right to the core of what the beer is about. Whatever you call the style, at its heart, this beer maintains the body and high impact hop profile of an American IPA, while simultaneously caressing it with the richness of dark roasted grains.

Looking to balance and harmonize these intense flavors, we looked to the culinary world. There, we found the classic flavor pairing that was the final inspiration for this beer: Chocolate and Citrus.

We built this Prototype on a malt base of pale, crystal, and chocolate malts, and used a blend of citrusy and fruity hop varieties layered throughout the boil, and again in the dry hop. The aroma of sweet citrus blooms from the glass. The first sip contains the expected upfront bitterness of an IPA, and then meanders through malt, citrus and fruit. Finishing smooth, light, and slightly chocolatey, this Prototype hides the 8% ABV.

We had a blast making this beer, and hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we do. Cheers!

Introducing the Prototype Series

prototype cansOne of the best parts of brewing is taking an idea and helping to make that concept a reality. Inspiration can come come from many places – sometimes it arrives from out of nowhere, like a lightning bolt of realization. Other times it can be something familiar seen in a new light. Or, sometimes developing something new comes from a careful and measured process, executed one step at a time. To move these new ideas from a concept to a reality, we make a Prototype.

Available in cans, Prototype is the 16 oz. physical manifestations of these ideas, designed to be shared and enjoyed. This series of beers will vary from batch to batch, allowing you to join us in the creative process. The cans will be stamped with their packaged date and the style of beer on the bottom. We will also have notes and specifications for each batch of Prototype on our website, organized by date. Come share with us the thrill of exploration and discovery!