Ember Emerges

Fall is our favorite time of year here in Maine. The cool, crisp weather begs for exploration – it’s time to get out as much as possible before winter takes over. Walking under a canopy of trees, their leaves exploding in color from greens to yellows, oranges, and reds is one of our favorite things, and one of the reasons we love this place so much. There simply is nothing like Fall in Maine.

To celebrate this season, every year we brew a beer called Ember. Ember is not just a reference to the changing colors of the leaves, or the fading of the constant energy of summer into the warm glow of fall. It is also the name of one of Joel and Christie’s dogs, back when we all first met, a great spirit who has unfortunately moved on but is fondly remembered.

Ember is a Red IPA, based off one of Joel’s favorite recipes from way before we ever dreamed of opening Foundation. It dates back to when he would brew in his backyard, a 10 gallon pot on a turkey fryer, his dog Ember poking around and hoping to get some spent grain.

Ember is a circular experience. The touch of crystal and munich malts give the beer its reddish hue and soft malt profile. The slight bready sweetness plays off the strawberry, citrus, and resiny notes of the Mosaic and El Dorado hops, which in turn balances the beer, giving it a clean finish. Easy, friendly and familiar, Ember is a beer we treasure every year. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.