Ember Returns, Fall 2018

One of the things we love about living in Maine is the rhythm of the seasons.  The constant cycle of transition and renewal makes us think about what has been, and what is to come. Brewed every fall, the thought behind this beer is based on one of Joel’s favorite recipes from before we opened the brewery, but the recipe morphs annually.  Different every year, Ember is an ever-evolving touchstone, both familiar yet unique from those that came before.

A beer brewed for this time of year asks for more. More stickiness, more malt, more attention to balance. This year, we brewed Ember as a Red IPA in a West Coast tradition. The flavors of tangerine, berry, red fruit, and pine are rich, clean, and bright, resulting in a beer meant for sipping with friends, enjoying with hearty fare, or sharing with warm conversations.  Fall is fleeting in New England, and we all know what is coming next, so crack open a beer, pull up a stool, and enjoy the moment.