Folding Cranes – beauty in simplicty

At Foundation Brewing Company, we strive to create beer that is delicious, easy to enjoy, and worthy of esteem.  We also seek to challenge ourselves to make fantastic beer while exploring all the wonderful permutations that exist in the art of brewing.  This is something we call full-spectrum brewing.

One area of brewing we have found fascinating is the world of lagers.  When done right, a well-made and balanced a lager is effortless to enjoy, the simplicity and directness of the beer having a refinement all its own.

We have been exploring lagers for a few years now, having made a German style Pilsner, Helles, and Oktoberfest.  Each one has been a delight to make, but for our next lager, we wanted to try something a bit different, a style of lager not many American craft breweries have tackled.  We decided to try our hand at a Japanese-style lager. 

Japanese brewers meld European-style lager brewing with rice and native hops.  The end result is the Japanese-style lager, famous for being light in body, dry and crisp.  These attributes make Japanese lagers perfect for lighter fare such as sushi, but also makes them great for enjoying as the weather gets warmer.

We kept Folding Cranes very simple, pilsner malt and flaked rice delicately hopped with a blend of hops: Japanese Sorachi Ace, Czech Saaz, and New Zealand Motueka.  Fermented with our house lager strain, the beer has notes of hay and lemongrass, and finishes light, dry, and very easy to enjoy.

We decided to call this beer Folding Cranes, in honor of the Japanese tradition of origami, where likewise simple components are turned, through skill and practice, into works of beauty and sophistication. Custom holds that folding a thousand paper cranes will bring luck and joy. 

Folding Cranes will be available in the tasting room starting Monday 7/22, and throughout Maine in distribution.  We hope you enjoy!