Gabriel – With Love from our Brewery to You

Many of the smaller, family-owned breweries in Europe have a tradition of brewing a special beer at the end of the year as a thank you to family and friends. We joined in this tradition a couple years ago, and have enjoyed the opportunity to share something special with our community at the holidays. Looking forward to doing it again this year, we wrote the recipe for Gabriel, our Golden Lager.

Gabriel is not about being the biggest or the boldest. Instead, we wanted to humbly celebrate the craft of brewing by making very much a “brewer’s beer.” Conceived on the idea of sharing and celebrating with people of different tastes, Gabriel was made to be enjoyed both by your cousin who only drinks macro lagers as well as the craft beer fan.

We decided to simplify beer down to its essentials. Gabriel is a celebration of the alchemy that happens when malt, hops, water, and yeast are brought together and the balance is allowed to shine. Fermented with a classic lager yeast and cold conditioned until ready, the soft, golden malt blends with the delicate aroma of grassy continental hops, giving Gabriel a crispness like new snow. 

So join us as we gather with our friends and family, and raise a pint in celebration of this past year and in anticipation of the one to come. With love from all of us at Foundation, and best wishes for 2020, Cheers!