Next Steps

ttb-application-submittedSince last we spoke, we’ve ordered brewery equipment, picked up some toys for the tasting room, and have been working closely with our contractors to plan the work our brewery needs for the massive delivery of stainless steel coming in the near future. A whole lot of work is planned, but we’re still waiting on approval from the city before we begin construction.

The upside is that this week we got our first phone call from the TTB, letting us know that with a few minor additions to our application, it’s now moving on to processing, and it shouldn’t be long before we get our Brewer’s Notice. This is the last piece standing between us and the remaining permits and applications that we need to fire off to the state and federal government.

In the meantime, we’ve been sharing our pilot batches with many friends and family members, making sure that our first batches of beer are as good as they can be on brand new equipment. We’ve also been talking to our neighbors next door and down the street, and we’re going to work together to make our neighborhood a fantastic beer destination.