Ooh, shiny!

1461123_518795668228486_386560568_nIt’s been a busy month at the brewery – things are finally happening on a big scale. Our brewhouse (mash/lauter tun kettle/whirlpool) arrived this week, along with the keg washer, grist hopper, and glycol chiller. This was delivery #2, two weeks ago our four large tanks arrived (out hot liquor tank, brite tank, and two fermenters). All the large equipment is finally in place, and Nason Mechanical has been laying pipe like madmen, running steam and glycol all around the brewery.

What does this mean to us? Over two years of work, deliberation, decision making and questioning, combined with many months of waiting for equipment to be built, is finally bearing fruit in the form of big, shiny, stainless steel vessels, soon to be filled to capacity with delicious beer.

Bear with us as we head down the home stretch. 2014 is going to be an exciting year for us as we brew and serve our first batch of beer, soon to be followed by many more.

Joel & John