Sylvan Spell – Ode to the Forest

Sylvan Spell is a beer celebrating the subtle magic of the American forest.  After sourcing freshly dumped 12-year-old American oak whisky barrels, we wanted to make a beer that showed off their wonderful character, so we filled them with an imperial stout, and let them rest patiently for over 2 years.  During that time, the volume in the barrels naturally shrunk due to evaporation.  Then, we topped up each barrel with maple syrup sourced from the forests of Vermont by our friends at Sweet Stone Farm in Hardwick, and left them alone for another 6 months to meld before packaging.  The final result is a rich and wonderful beer showcasing the chocolate notes from the stout layered with the dried fruit and vanilla flavors from the oak aging, with the sweet note of maple drizzled on top.