The Ember Story

EmberThis coming weekend, we’ll be pouring the first batch we’ve brewed of Ember since opening in February. We’re excited to pour this beer for a lot of reasons — we’ve been planning this as our fall seasonal since before we opened, and it’s finally time to start brewing it. It was a favorite homebrew recipe of mine for years and one that friends always looked forward to. It also signifies something extremely personal for me as well — it was named for my dog Ember, a Red Bone Coon hound who passed away last November, just months before the brewery opened. She joined me on many trips to Portland while we were still living in Orono, and got to explore the brewery before she left us.

Ember was a shelter dog that my wife and I rescued almost 10 years ago, and like many shelter dogs who have had a less than stellar life prior to being rescued, she had her fair share of baggage. She taught us a lot about the rewards of perseverance, and to recognize progress, no matter how small or how long it takes to get there. She was a small dog with a huge personality, and we miss her presence every day.

Ember pint glassOur hoppy amber saison, Ember, is a recipe that I home brewed for years, and one that friends requested often. When we began working with our house saison yeast, and I brewed my hoppy amber ale with our yeast, it became something special. The fruit character from our house yeast gives a huge boost to the large dry-hop addition of Mosaic hops. The highly attenuative nature of our yeast also creates a beer that starts out slightly sweet from English crystal malt, but finishes dry and crisp. We decided to name this gorgeous amber colored beer Ember, after our Red Bone Coon hound, whose coat was the same color as the beer.

I hope that this beer brings you happiness, as she did for us, and raise your glass to lost friends.