The Weekender (Session IPA) Release

We were approached by our friends at MaineToday to help visualize and create something that celebrates part of what makes our home unique – the huge range of activities and adventures available right outside your door.  From amazing camping and sailing, to world class concerts and restaurants, our home has it all!

To celebrate this, we wanted to make a bright, hoppy beer that you could enjoy during or after your adventures, but balanced with a lower ABV, to help stretch out those precious weekends even longer.  We also wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to one of the organizations that helps make our home so awesome, and something that all of our neighbors can enjoy. Thus, we are excited to be donating part of the profits from The Weekender to Portland Trails!

The Weekender is a session IPA, light in color but with a satisfying body, and hops that feature bright, fruity notes of citrus and white grape over a soft resiny character.  Go ahead, enjoy your weekend just a bit more!

Malt:  Pale, Pilsner, Maine-Grown 2-Row, Maine-Grown Flaked Wheat

Hops:  Azacca, Cascade, Citra, Columbus, Magnum

Yeast:  House British Ale

ABV: 4.5%