This One Sparks Joy – Old Nation Brewing Collaboration

We first met the crew from Michigan’s Old Nation Brewing the day after Thanksgiving in 2017.  A few beers and emails later, the collab called ME-MI was conceived, and in February 2018, we brewed that beer at Old Nation. This year, we had the pleasure to invite them out to Portland, and we brewed our end of the collab.  With the beer in the tank, we were struggling to come up with a name.  Mark from Old Nation commented one day that he was trying to come up with a name while he was de-cluttering his basement.  Asked if the clean up “Sparked any joy,” we had our name.

“This One Sparks Joy” is a double IPA coming in at 8.2% ABV, brewed with an oat heavy grist, and hopped with Sabro, Mosaic and Centennial.  The body is smooth and easy to enjoy, just what we were looking for from the oats.  Mosaic and Centennial are two of our favorite hops, but Sabro was a new one to us, and it does not taste like any hop we have had before.  Notes of lime, vanilla, and coconut waft from the glass over the familiar aromas of tropical fruit and grapefruit zest we expect from the Mosaic and Centennial.  We can only attribute it to the Sabro, and think it is pretty cool.  We hope you enjoy it too. Spark some joy today!