White Cap – Opportunity knocks

Saisons have always been about making something wonderful out of what was on hand, and White Cap followed this tradition.  Having recently emptied some bourbon barrels we had used a couple times for a different beer, and knowing most of their spirit character was now gone, we considering retiring the barrels, but that did not feel right.  These barrels had been good friends to us, and we felt like there was more to explore, so seeing we had tank of saison finishing fermentation right around the same time, we figured, “Why not?”  Adding to the experiment, each barrel was inoculated with a single strain of one of three different brettanomyces, Brett Brux, Brett Lambicus, and a strain of brett isolated from a bottle of one of our favorite Belgian farmhouse ales.  Spending well over a year in the barrels, the oak and the brett worked their magic, each barrel going through its own unique journey.  Blending several select barrels, we tied these threads together to create this beer.  With notes of pineapple and coconut up front, and a taste rounded out by the oak, this is a personal favorite of Joel’s.  We hope it becomes one of yours as well.