Zuurzing is Back at the Brewery

Zuurzing GlassFew things taste as good on a hot day as a cold beer. While modern saisons have taken their place in the spectrum of craft beers as complex, highly expressive and nuanced brews, their origins were very much the drink of the working man. After spending hours working out in the sun, a farmer and the farm hands would need fluid for hydration. Historically, the water supplies were not the safest option, so they used what they had on hand to make lower alcohol, light, and thirst quenching brews that they would cellar for the next season. Often, these beers were very tart due to the effects of fermentation with yeast, but also bacteria like lactobacillus, which produces the tangy character of fermented pickles and yogurt.

Bright, light, and zippy, these beers were the ultimate in crushability. Inspired by this, we are proud to introduce Zuurzing , our riff on these thirst quenching brews. Light in color and body, and modest in alcohol, Zuurzing casts out the demons of thirst, but does it while packing a wallop of flavor from citrusy American hops interplaying with the underlying tartness and graininess. We are proud to be offering this beer in our tasting room this weekend, available for samples and growler fills.