Forge 2015 December Release

Forge 2015There are certain beer styles that speak to us as brewers. Some we appreciate for their balance and restraint, others for their expression of place. And then there are some styles, like Russian Imperial Stouts, that are about intensity. As brewers, we love the challenge of binding together these strong, bold flavors to make a complex, intriguing, and delicious beer.

In February of 2015, we released our Russian Imperial Stout, called Forge, to celebrate our first year of production. We loved making this beer so much, we knew we had to do it again, and we are excited to be able to share Forge again this year!

Jet black, potent, and brimming with roasted malt and chocolate flavors, Forge is everything we love in a big stout. However, this year, we are offering a slight twist from last year. We are releasing it in 4-packs of 12 oz cans at the end of December, just in time for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Prototype (Canning Date 11.3.15 – Black IPA)

Prototype 11.3.15Our second release of Prototype is a beer style that is credited with being born in Vermont. Often called a Cascadian Dark Ale on the West Coast, or an American Style Dark Ale by the Brewers Association, we prefer to call it a Black IPA because it gets right to the core of what the beer is about. Whatever you call the style, at its heart, this beer maintains the body and high impact hop profile of an American IPA, while simultaneously caressing it with the richness of dark roasted grains.

Looking to balance and harmonize these intense flavors, we looked to the culinary world. There, we found the classic flavor pairing that was the final inspiration for this beer: Chocolate and Citrus.

We built this Prototype on a malt base of pale, crystal, and chocolate malts, and used a blend of citrusy and fruity hop varieties layered throughout the boil, and again in the dry hop. The aroma of sweet citrus blooms from the glass. The first sip contains the expected upfront bitterness of an IPA, and then meanders through malt, citrus and fruit. Finishing smooth, light, and slightly chocolatey, this Prototype hides the 8% ABV.

We had a blast making this beer, and hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we do. Cheers!

Moveable Type

Moveable TypeMoveable Type is a farmhouse ale created in the tradition of an old world saison. We began by brewing a provision strength ale, which we then cellared for over a year with Brettanomyces. During the months of cellaring, our saison yeast and the brettanomyces worked together to create a beer rich in tropical fruit notes, balanced by an underlying earthiness. Bottle conditioned, the beer will continue to evolve. This movement in flavor is something we love about farmhouse ales, like a printer’s type, periodically reset to tell a new story.

Moveable Type is a 7.8% ABV farmhouse ale.
Brewed: September 2, 2014
Bottled: August 9, 2015
Release: October 31, 2015

Introducing the Prototype Series

prototype cansOne of the best parts of brewing is taking an idea and helping to make that concept a reality. Inspiration can come come from many places – sometimes it arrives from out of nowhere, like a lightning bolt of realization. Other times it can be something familiar seen in a new light. Or, sometimes developing something new comes from a careful and measured process, executed one step at a time. To move these new ideas from a concept to a reality, we make a Prototype.

Available in cans, Prototype is the 16 oz. physical manifestations of these ideas, designed to be shared and enjoyed. This series of beers will vary from batch to batch, allowing you to join us in the creative process. The cans will be stamped with their packaged date and the style of beer on the bottom. We will also have notes and specifications for each batch of Prototype on our website, organized by date. Come share with us the thrill of exploration and discovery!

Introducing Afterglow

Afterglow glass pourExploration is part of what drives us. It is hard work, with unexpected twists and turns that bring new knowledge and revelations. Exploration can also lead to a deeper appreciation of classic approaches and techniques. At Foundation Brewing, we seek to build on the classics while weaving in new elements. When it all comes together, we sit back and bask in the afterglow of a new creation.

We are proud to introduce Afterglow as an interpretation of the American IPA. The extensive use of classic American hops blended with those from the South Pacific provides an intense and deep citrus note complemented by berry and tropical fruit aromas and flavors. A resinous background lurks under fruit notes, providing depth of hop flavor that rolls across the palate. A blend of both New World and Old World malts intertwine to provide fullness and richness, but still finishing pleasingly dry. The flavors linger, inviting you to sit back, and enjoy long after the last sip is gone.

Afterglow will be available on draft in the tasting room on Saturday, September 12th.

Zuurzing is Back at the Brewery

zuurzing-glassFew things taste as good on a hot day as a cold beer. While modern saisons have taken their place in the spectrum of craft beers as complex, highly expressive and nuanced brews, their origins were very much the drink of the working man. After spending hours working out in the sun, a farmer and the farm hands would need fluid for hydration. Historically, the water supplies were not the safest option, so they used what they had on hand to make lower alcohol, light, and thirst quenching brews that they would cellar for the next season. Often, these beers were very tart due to the effects of fermentation with yeast, but also bacteria like lactobacillus, which produces the tangy character of fermented pickles and yogurt.

Bright, light, and zippy, these beers were the ultimate in crushability. Inspired by this, we are proud to introduce Zuurzing , our riff on these thirst quenching brews. Light in color and body, and modest in alcohol, Zuurzing casts out the demons of thirst, but does it while packing a wallop of flavor from citrusy American hops interplaying with the underlying tartness and graininess. We are proud to be offering this beer in our tasting room this weekend, available for samples and growler fills.

Epiphany and Wanderlust Can & Draft Update

Wanderlust cans & howlerThanks everyone for coming yesterday, you crushed our supply of Epiphany cans and made a huge dent in our supply of Wanderlust cans. Retailers in Maine are getting their cans over the next few days, so if you missed out, check with your favorite local beer store to find out when they’ll be arriving.

We still have Epiphany on draft at the brewery, but to try to spread the love, we are going to limit Epiphany to 1 howler (32oz) per person.

It is possible we may run out of draft Epiphany before we close on Saturday.  In that event, and we may be a bit delusional on this, but we think we will have something that will scratch that hoppy itch.

Brewery Expansion and Summer Session Brewfest

As summer hits its stride in Maine, there are some great events happening this weekend and we hope you’ll join us. We also have some exciting new beer offerings on the horizon here at Foundation.

First, to answer the frequently asked question, yes, we will be able to increase production in the near future. Some of you already know we installed a third 30 barrel fermentation tank. We are happy to say that the first brew through the tank, a long overdue batch of Burnside, passed internal QC with flying colors. From the response in the tasting room this past weekend, you all agree! We are also looking to add two additional 45 barrel tanks in the coming weeks. We are very excited about this because it will allow us to produce some new beers we have been refining in the R&D Lab.

Back to this weekend, we would love to invite you to join us and our good friends from points north, Orono Brewing Company, at The Thirsty Pig in Portland the evening of Friday the 24th at 7pm. Orono will be bringing their A-game, and so will we. As many of you know, we love to experiment with yeast and how it changes the dynamics of beer. We’ve been itching to try a variation of Epiphany fermented with brettanomyces. Crazy you say? Delusions of Grandeur?!  Why yes, yes it is. Wanderlust, Burnside, and Epiphany will be flowing, as will Delusions of Grandeur. This will be a very limited release, so get to the Pig early if you want to have a chance to try it out.

MBG Summer Session2Friday night is covered, but what about Saturday? The place to be on July 25th is the Maine Brewers Guild Summer Session. If you are going to hit one brewfest this year, this is definitely the one. Not only is this your best chance to drink the most beer from Maine breweries, but we have also invited some of our friends from out of state to come and hang with us! We are excited to welcome Cambridge Brewing Company as our guest brewery at the festival. Check out the link for info on tickets and details about the many great breweries attending. In fact, it is going to be so awesome, we will be closing our tasting room for that Saturday so that the whole Foundation Brewing Company team can attend. For those of you who wanted to visit the brewery that day, we are sorry, and we encourage you to come to the festival. Trust us, it’s going to be a great time. Big party, on the water, with killer beer? Yes please!

Epiphany Maine IPA Release

Epiphany Maine IPAEvery day brings an opportunity to learn something new.  We experiment with new ingredients, techniques, and ideas, constantly seeking to learn more.  When that sudden spark of inspiration ignites the fuel provided by this quest, you have Epiphany. 

We are proud to introduce Epiphany as our vision of what an IPA can be. We have been patiently working and experimenting, waiting for all of the pieces to come together.  Our labors of experimentation and planning culminate in Epiphany.  Juicy and fruity with undercurrents of pine, we indulged in our desire to create an IPA that personifies the vivid flavors that can be coaxed from the hop cone, painted on a canvas of soft malt that allows the flavors to shine through.  Extensively hopped in the kettle and in the fermentor, we spared nothing in making this beer, our Maine IPA.  We hope you enjoy this beer, and that it brings you a hoppy revelation as well.

Epiphany will be available in the tasting room next week, with draft availability to follow.

Infused Saison (with Sorrel leaves)

sorrel leavesThis weekend we’re excited to be serving a sorrel-infused saison, prepared in collaboration with David D’Angelo from Hawk Farm in Vassalboro. David has been supplying all of our raw grain needs and he has also been a big fan of our infused beers. A few weeks ago, David mentioned that he had some Sorrel coming in, and thought that it would be right up our alley for infusing our house saison. He did some home trials with the tart greens, and was excited to see what would happen if we worked our magic with the Sorrel. Next thing we knew, David arrived at Foundation with a large bag of Maine-grown, local deliciousness.

sorrel being juiced

John juiced the leaves, producing 900mL of awesomely-vibrant green Sorrel juice, which we added to our house saison. The juice has a tart smell and tastes similar to lemons, kiwifruit, or wild strawberries. We are very excited to share this special collaboration with you this weekend. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!

John & Joel