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The Weekender (Session IPA) Release

We were approached by our friends at MaineToday to help visualize and create something that celebrates part of what makes our home unique – the huge range of activities and adventures available right outside your door.  From amazing camping and sailing, to world class concerts and restaurants, our home has it all!

To celebrate this, we wanted to make a bright, hoppy beer that you could enjoy during or after your adventures, but balanced with a lower ABV, to help stretch out those precious weekends even longer.  We also wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to one of the organizations that helps make our home so awesome, and something that all of our neighbors can enjoy. Thus, we are excited to be donating part of the profits from The Weekender to Portland Trails!

The Weekender is a session IPA, light in color but with a satisfying body, and hops that feature bright, fruity notes of citrus and white grape over a soft resiny character.  Go ahead, enjoy your weekend just a bit more!

Malt:  Pale, Pilsner, Maine-Grown 2-Row, Maine-Grown Flaked Wheat

Hops:  Azacca, Cascade, Citra, Columbus, Magnum

Yeast:  House British Ale

ABV: 4.5%

Introducing Afterglow

Afterglow glass pourExploration is part of what drives us. It is hard work, with unexpected twists and turns that bring new knowledge and revelations. Exploration can also lead to a deeper appreciation of classic approaches and techniques. At Foundation Brewing, we seek to build on the classics while weaving in new elements. When it all comes together, we sit back and bask in the afterglow of a new creation.

We are proud to introduce Afterglow as an interpretation of the American IPA. The extensive use of classic American hops blended with those from the South Pacific provides an intense and deep citrus note complemented by berry and tropical fruit aromas and flavors. A resinous background lurks under fruit notes, providing depth of hop flavor that rolls across the palate. A blend of both New World and Old World malts intertwine to provide fullness and richness, but still finishing pleasingly dry. The flavors linger, inviting you to sit back, and enjoy long after the last sip is gone.

Afterglow will be available on draft in the tasting room on Saturday, September 12th.

Epiphany Maine IPA Release

Epiphany Maine IPAEvery day brings an opportunity to learn something new.  We experiment with new ingredients, techniques, and ideas, constantly seeking to learn more.  When that sudden spark of inspiration ignites the fuel provided by this quest, you have Epiphany. 

We are proud to introduce Epiphany as our vision of what an IPA can be. We have been patiently working and experimenting, waiting for all of the pieces to come together.  Our labors of experimentation and planning culminate in Epiphany.  Juicy and fruity with undercurrents of pine, we indulged in our desire to create an IPA that personifies the vivid flavors that can be coaxed from the hop cone, painted on a canvas of soft malt that allows the flavors to shine through.  Extensively hopped in the kettle and in the fermentor, we spared nothing in making this beer, our Maine IPA.  We hope you enjoy this beer, and that it brings you a hoppy revelation as well.

Epiphany will be available in the tasting room next week, with draft availability to follow.