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Moveable Type

Moveable TypeMoveable Type is a farmhouse ale created in the tradition of an old world saison. We began by brewing a provision strength ale, which we then cellared for over a year with Brettanomyces. During the months of cellaring, our saison yeast and the brettanomyces worked together to create a beer rich in tropical fruit notes, balanced by an underlying earthiness. Bottle conditioned, the beer will continue to evolve. This movement in flavor is something we love about farmhouse ales, like a printer’s type, periodically reset to tell a new story.

Moveable Type is a 7.8% ABV farmhouse ale.
Brewed: September 2, 2014
Bottled: August 9, 2015
Release: October 31, 2015

Infused Saison (with Sorrel leaves)

sorrel leavesThis weekend we’re excited to be serving a sorrel-infused saison, prepared in collaboration with David D’Angelo from Hawk Farm in Vassalboro. David has been supplying all of our raw grain needs and he has also been a big fan of our infused beers. A few weeks ago, David mentioned that he had some Sorrel coming in, and thought that it would be right up our alley for infusing our house saison. He did some home trials with the tart greens, and was excited to see what would happen if we worked our magic with the Sorrel. Next thing we knew, David arrived at Foundation with a large bag of Maine-grown, local deliciousness.

sorrel being juiced

John juiced the leaves, producing 900mL of awesomely-vibrant green Sorrel juice, which we added to our house saison. The juice has a tart smell and tastes similar to lemons, kiwifruit, or wild strawberries. We are very excited to share this special collaboration with you this weekend. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do!

John & Joel