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Gemütlichkeit, a Helles Lager for Friends

GemutlichkeitAs the year draws to an end, breweries often partake in the tradition making a special beer to offer in gratitude and thanks to friends and family. These beers tend to be a bit bigger, more brash, and complex than their normal offerings. However, it often feels like the modern world in which we live is already plenty big, brash, and complex. We decided to go down a different path for this beer.

We wanted to make a beer of simplicity and elegance, equally at home being enjoyed after a long day of work, a fun day of skiing, or sitting around the dinner table with friends. It was with this in mind that we chose to rebrew a beer that our friends have been asking us to bring back since it ran out last winter. Crisp, clean, and delicious, we decided to bring back the beer that launched our lager program, Helles.

To accompany this beer, we had to find the right name, which we did in Helles’ native tongue. The German word Gemütlichkeit (/ɡəˈmo͞otlikˌkīt/) has no direct English equivalent, but it is best described as a feeling of warmth, contentment, and happiness, embodying what we hope to share in this beer.

Thank you all, and we wish you Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year.

Introducing Method 1

Method 1Brewing beer offers endless, fascinating possibilities. However, while the search for the next great combination of ingredients, techniques, and philosophy can inspire, it can also complicate with its infinite variations. Finding the right approach, where ideas can be evaluated, ingredients analyzed, and techniques tested is essential to the continued growth and understanding of our craft. To this end, we are happy to introduce Method, a series of rotating beers brewed to investigate these questions on a production scale, that will be offered as both draft and cans only in our tasting room.

Our first iteration, Method 1, is an India Pale Ale brewed to evaluate the effects of dry hopping at the earliest stages of fermentation. Brewed with a simple grist of pale malt and approximately 15% flaked barley, and featuring Citra, Cascade, Chinook, and Columbus, we introduced half of the dry hops into the fermenter on the day we brewed the beer, simultaneously with our house yeast. The end result is an incredibly fruity, aromatic IPA with startling clarity for a beer that contains unmalted grains and was never fined or filtered.

ABV: 7.1%

Final Gravity: 2.2ºP

Grist: Pale Malt, Maine-grown Pale Malt, Flaked Barley

Hops: Cascade, Chinook, Citra, Columbus, Magnum

Yeast:  House British

We hope you will join us as we celebrate our third anniversary this Saturday, March 18th from noon-7pm (normal open hours). We have a fun day planned, with a new beer, special previews, and some kegs from our cellar!

We’ve raided our cellar to have special taps on all day.  Our new sour red, Magnus, will be on tap, in anticipation of the bottle release scheduled for April 15th. Our brand new Klein Bruin will also be on tap. Klein Bruin is a sour brown ale, tart, bright and lemony with a toasty malt finish (the name means “small brown” in Dutch). We have just one log left of Pomology: Apricot, so that will be samples only, as well as Pomology: Cherry. (Don’t worry, this year’s batch of Pomology: Apricot has already been re-brewed and is aging!) With such a limited supply, some of the beers on tap will run out early in the day, but we have other beers lined up to fill those lines when that happens!

Our third anniversary glasses are a similar style to the glass from last year, with a new color and a year 3.  They are available at the brewery for $7. Tacos del Seoul will be on the patio, serving up their wonderful Korean/Mexican fusion, including some special menu offerings.  Our friend, The Professah, will be in-house spinning his eclectic collection of Reggae vinyl.

Opening Tap List:
(Samples + Growler (64oz) + Howler (32oz) Fills available unless noted)
1. Epiphany (Maine IPA)
2. Venture (Maine IPA)
3. Afterglow (American IPA)
4. Riverton Flyer (Pilsner) *Samples only, cans available
5. Burnside (Brown Ale)
6. Klein Bruin (Sour Brown)
7. White Cap (Barrel-Aged Wild Saison) *Howlers and Samples
8. Magnus (Sour Red) *Samples only
9. Pomology: Apricot (Sour Ale with Apricots – only one log!) *Samples only
10. Pomology: Cherry (Barrel-Aged Sour Cherry Ale – two logs) *Samples only
11. Forge 2015 (Russian Imperial Stout – one log) *Howlers and Samples

When some of those kegs kick, we’ll also have on Zuurzing (Sour Farmhouse) and Fading Light (Dark Ale with Brett, *Howlers and Samples).

* Special preview of Magnus on Friday night!  (That’s tonight!)

Our new canning line has been busy, and we’ll also have the following cans available to-go: Epiphany (small amount), Venture, Afterglow, Riverton Flyer, Bedrock and Burnside.  There is also a limited number of Dark Side Corruption (Oak-Aged Ale) and Mortimer (Stock Ale) bottles available to-go.

We are also excited to be introducing a new collaboration product in our merchandise area — fleece pullovers with the Foundation Brewing logo from local manufacturer, American Roots. These fleeces are 100% American-made, union-made in their small factory right here in Portland, Maine!

We hope to see you on Saturday!  Thanks for your support and enthusiasm for our beers throughout the last three years.

Team Foundation

Mortimer Bottle Release – Saturday, December 31st

Mortimer bottles

We are very excited to present Mortimer, our tribute to stock ales, strong brews long aged to develop rich and complex flavors. Though not our first barrel-aged beer release, this was the first beer we put in oak.  Our patience was rewarded.

Mortimer was initially conceived as kin to our Imperial Stout, Forge, but with a softer roast character to balance the flavors of the wild yeasts and bacteria introduced during the cellaring.  The beer was aged in previously used Jim Beam barrels for over 18 months, and then bottle conditioned for another 10 months.  The long slumber has matured the beer, allowing for the development of cherry and dark fruit flavors that meld with the cacao, soft vanilla and bourbon notes from the barrel and malts. Shockingly light for such a big beer, the rich flavors are met with a soft acidity that cleans the palate, inviting you back for another sip.  Mortimer is a tribute to the power of patience and time, and is the perfect beer to enjoy as we contemplate the year that is passing, and look forward to the promise of the one to come.

Mortimer is a tasting room release due to the limited amount available.  It will be released on December 31st.

Mortimer – Stock Ale
Brewed: June 2014
Bottled: February 2016
Released: December 31, 2016
ABV: 12.5%

New Epiphany Can Line Process

We canned a fresh batch of Epiphany on our new canning line yesterday which will be out in stores throughout Maine this week, and for our tasting room allocation – half will be released on WEDNESDAY and half on FRIDAY instead of Saturday because of the holiday.

It’s cold out there! We appreciate you making the trek out to the industrial park for cans and growlers, and to visit our tasting room, and to make your visit more pleasant in this winter weather, we are trying a new process this week for the Epiphany can release. We will be handing out line number cards, starting at 10am. Come, get a card which will be your “place” in line. Feel free to sit in your warm car, go grab a beer at Allagash when they open at 11am, run some holiday errands, or try something tasty at a food truck once they open (Tacos del Seoul on Wednesday and The Muthah Truckah on Friday). One card per person. We want everything to be as fair as possible, so we won’t be allowing anyone to take an extra card for a friend, or similar.  Having a number does not guarantee you will be able to buy Epiphany. Some people buy their whole case allocation, but a lot of people only buy a few 4-packs.  It will depend on how many packs each person in front of you bought.

Our tasting room doors will open at Noon, and we will be selling cans at the back of the tasting room starting with ticket number one. Cans will only be available at the back table (along with bottles to go). Growlers, bottles and samples will be available at the front bar while you wait for your number to be called. We will have a large screen that will display the current number being served so you can keep an eye on it from anywhere in the tasting room. Our tasting room greeter will be able to give you a time estimate for when your number will be called so that you can budget your time appropriately.

We will have the following cans and bottles available.

CANS: Epiphany, Venture, Afterglow, Burnside and Forge

BOTTLES: Dark Side Corruption, Panoptic, Fading Light (500ml) and 2014 Forge (750ml)

We hope this new process will make your visit enjoyable and without any hassle (and warm!). We welcome any feedback.  Feel free to share with our tasting room staff, or email beerme@foundationbrew.com.

Our hours this week on Wednesday-Friday are 12p-7p and on Saturday, special holiday hours of 12-4p.  We’ll be closed on Sunday for Christmas, and open Monday for holiday-week-chillaxing from 12-7pm.


Team Foundation

Burnside Brown Ale release

burnside brown aleAugust 7th was National IPA Day, so naturally, on August 8th, we are proud to announce that we will be pouring our English style brown ale – Burnside – in the tasting room. Yes, a brown ale.

Our deep love of Saisons is evident in the focus of our brewery. They have a special place in our hearts and are the focus of Foundation Brewing Company. Joel and I also have a great fondness for well-done traditional British style ales. I had a chance to travel through the UK a couple of times, and the pub culture was something that just felt so natural. Drinking true cask conditioned ales was an incredible experience. It was very different than what I was used to growing up in the US, but perfect for the setting and the cuisine. My wife, Tina, lived in London for a time, and as a result, developed a strong affinity for British ales as well. Back in my home brewing days, I was required to keep a keg of a British style ale on tap at all times.

As an avowed foodie, living in Portland is kind of like being a kid in a candy store. I love to chat food, and one of the great things about this place are all the fantastic chefs and restaurateurs who also call it home. In the course of running our brewery, Joel, Christie, Tina and I get to talk with them frequently. Naturally, we often end up discussing food and beer pairings. When this conversation comes up, one of the common themes is trying to find beers that pair really well with grilled, roasted, and caramelized flavors. This got us thinking, what would go well? Something that was not too bitter, with plenty of roasted notes that come across as coffee, burnt sugar, and chocolate to play off the grilled and caramelized flavors. The deeply roasted flavors have to be tempered a bit as they can come across as a bit bitter and acrid when they are too strong, and we wanted it balanced with a malty but dry finish. That sounded like the perfect pint of brown ale to us!

We partnered with Chris and Paige of Central Provisions for a beer dinner in May, and to add to the menu we made a small batch of Burnside. Then a few weeks ago, we made a second small batch that we served just in the tasting room. It flew out the door, and when it was all gone, we were asked, “When are you going to make it again?” So, here it is. We hope you enjoy.