Foundation Brewing & Pizza

More Than A Brewery

Foundation Brewing & Pizza was founded on the idea that at the base of human community, you will find good people and good beer. Born on the edge of Portland, Maine in 2014, our focus has always been on building a business we are proud of that makes a difference in our community one beer at a time. Thanks for joining us on that journey.

Draft Beer
Two people sitting at a table. One is holding a beer with one hand and in the other is a slice of square pizza. The person across from them is holding a beer.

What is Detroit-style pizza?

“Square pizza” as it is called by the locals around Detroit has been a thing there since the late 1940’s. Baked in metal pans, and cut into square pieces, the hallmarks are a light, airy crust with a crunchy bottom, a crispy fried “cheese wall” around the edges, and usually served with the sauce on top.

Introducing Zesty

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featured beers

Picture of the Epiphany Double New England IPA can

New england/Hazy Double IPA, 8%

Amber Lager

Amber Lager,
Czech-style, 4.7%

Fetch Hazy IPA

Fetch, New england / Hazy IPA, 6.2%

Double Berry Jam can

Double Berry Jam,
Sour ale, 5%