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Until you find your calling, you don’t know what you’re missing. And from the moment you do, it’s hard to think of anything else.

Foundation Brewing Company is the story of what can happen when you follow that calling, pushing past the easy appeal of everything safe, solid and sure to pursue the promise and perils of passion.

That’s not to say we threw caution to the wind. We didn’t. We started down this path with decades of home brewing experience, and the unyielding drive of brewing geeks captivated by the science of beer, intent on the pursuit of distinct flavors and disciplined in efforts to document what we learned.

Since we took the plunge and created Foundation, we’ve grown carefully, focusing more on getting better than getting bigger. We’ve opened our tasting room doors to growing crowds of curious beer-o-philes, taking the time to listen, to share new recipes, to gain new insights, and to test new ideas in our perpetual pursuit of the next great recipe.

At Foundation, beer is more than a business. It’s more than a pastime. It’s our calling. And we’ll never grow tired of looking for the perfect answer.

If you are a bar, restaurant, or retail establishment interested in serving or selling our beer, please contact the following:

Maine: Mariner Beverages and Pine State Beverage
New Hampshire: Craft Beer Guild of NH
Massachusetts: Craft Brewers Guild, L. Knife & Son, or Seaboard Products Co.
Rhode Island: Craft Rhode Island
Connecticut, New Jersey & New York: Sarene Craft Beer Distributors
Delaware & Maryland: OtherSide Beverage
Ohio: Sixth City Distribution



Joel Mahaffey

Partner, Recipe Developer and Director of Brew Ops

As Foundation’s first full-time employee, Joel’s story follows the arc of our growth. A former art director and designer, Joel found his true passion in the art of beermaking – a pursuit that offered a limitless opportunity to learn, to grow and to create. An avid student of reverse engineering, Joel continues to find satisfaction in identifying a desired concept or flavor profile, then experimenting with recipes and techniques until he can both achieve and replicate it. As head brewer, Joel now oversees our expanding brewery staff in a process he once handled singlehandedly, while carefully preserving time to explore and refine new recipes, ingredients and techniques.

Joel is a former board member of the Maine Brewer’s Guild, and remains actively involved in the community of Maine Brewers – learning from his peers and sharing lessons gleaned from more than a decade of brewing.


John Bonney

Partner, Recipe Developer and Director of Sales & Marketing

A longtime home brewer, John transitioned away from the practice of medicine to pursue the art and science of beermaking. Working in collaboration with Joel, John shares credit for some of Foundation’s best-known recipes – an avocation he continues alongside his growing business development role. From the earliest days, John has served as our jack-of-all-trades, handling everything from making and pouring beer to laying tasting room tile – all while keeping an eye on the big picture to preserve Foundation’s culture and grow the business thoughtfully and sustainably.


Christie Mahaffey

Partner, Happy Scientist, Engineer and Overseer of the Quality Control Lab

With a unique background in biology, material science and engineering, Christie leverages her extensive scientific acumen to Foundation’s burgeoning quality control program. Foundation’s focus on quality control and quality assurance is unique for a young brewery – but the commitment speaks volumes. In her role, Christie spearheads Foundation’s efforts to understand both the biology of our beer – and the techniques necessary to ensure excellence and consistency.

Christie was a Founding Board Member of the Quality Control Collaboratory (QC2 Lab) at the University of Southern Maine (2016-2021). The program provides lab services to New England breweries, ultimately supporting the fast-growing industry – and bolstering Maine’s reputation as a leader in microbrewery innovation.


Tina Bonney

Partner, Finance Guru and Business Manager

When it comes to the nuts and bolts of the business, Tina keeps Foundation together. A former management consultant, she’s seen her role grow from financial modeling and bookkeeping to include tasting room oversight, vendor management, human resources, payroll management, regulatory compliance and licensing. Tina also maintains close ties with Maine’s brewing community, previously serving on the Board as treasurer for the Maine Brewers' Guild – and as a resource to other up-and-coming Maine brewers.

A dedicated animal lover, Tina spearheads Foundation’s ongoing philanthropic relationship with the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.

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